Professional Mole Management

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Mole (Talpa europaea)

The mole is a member of the insectivore order. It has a cylindrical body and is about 12-16cm long from nose to the tip of its tail. It is covered in black fur that can move in any direction. The mole is well adapted to its environment with permanently outwards facing feet for digging. The eyes are very small and hidden among the fur but are still well capable of detecting light.

Through their persistent tunnelling moles can cause an unsightly mess on lawns leading to an unevenness of the surface and also thrown up stones can damage the blades on lawn mowers.

Inclusion of soil from molehills in grass silage can result in spoilt and unpalatable  silage and is a possible source of the disease Listeriosis in livestock who are fed on silage. Livestock may even break or damage legs when accidentally stepping on to a mole tunnel.