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Flies– order Diptera (two wings)

Flies have a public impression of rather dirty insects with distasteful habits. This is reasonably accurate regarding the important pest species in this country. They can carry all manor of diseases including; dysentery, gastroenteritis, typhoid, cholera and tuberculosis. House flies can transmit intestinal worms. Here are some of the important pest species in this country;

House fly (musca domestica)  Known to transmit diseases and intestinal worms and form an unwelcome intrusion on the domestic scene where they settle and feed on all different kind of food types.

Lesser House Fly (fannia canicularis) This fly is slightly smaller than the house fly. This is the fly that can usually be seen  circling in the middle of the room with another lesser house fly then they come together there is some frenzied action then separate flying off in an angular flight, then repeating the process.

Blowflies (Bluebottle, Greenbottle) This fly is larger than the previous two. They have a well known droning sound and feed on meet-based food in human establishments and is well documented on their ability to spread disease. This fly can be associated with dead rodents in a building after a rodent control operation.

Fruit Flies (Drosphila spp) A very small fly associated with rotting vegetable matter, beer, sour milk and vinegar.

Cluster Fly (pollenia rudis) These flies live outdoors during the summer but enter buildings in autumn to hibernate, usually in roof spaces and lofts but also through windows into rooms.  They especially do this in vast numbers creating consternation among people using the building.

Mosquitoes,Gnats and Midges- (culicdae, anopheles spp)

Very common worldwide. Only the adult females that feed on human blood. The males are harmless. They need stagnant or still water to breed. So with attention to keeping your gutters clear, as well as removing anywhere where still water is just lying will remove their breeding grounds.