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Guano Cleaning

In short, reasons for keeping surfaces free from bird guano:  It is unsightly. Can taint the image of your business. Is also a serious health hazard.

In addition, their guano causes Air-borne diseases such as;

  • Chlamydia psittaci  Human infection is called Ornithosis which can give chronic lung problems for years afterwards.
  • Histoplasma capsulatum– A fungus found in accumulated bird and bat droppings. Symptoms include fever, chest pains, cough, pneumonia and meningitis.
  • Allergenic particles– It is an allergic condition know as bird fanciers lung(extrinsic allergic alveolitis). It occurs among bird keepers and people exposed to bird infested areas through the airborne antigens in the dust. It can take two forms acute or chronic. Acute leads to intense symptoms. Chronic phase is characterised by pulmonary fibrosis, a type of irreversible lung damage.

Food-borne Diseases

Include; salmonella, eschericha coli variant 157, campylobacter jejuni, lysteria monocytogenes and vibrio cholerae.

Feathers and droppings in bird nesting areas can be host to a variety of other insects. For example; beetles, moths, fly’s and cockroaches(oriental), which can therefore invade buildings.

Additionally, guano can block gutters causing damp and can lead to booklouse which will live on mould but will infest food.

Pigeon guano produces ammonia consequently causing damage to paintwork, stone and metals. For instance: zinc, copper, lead, aluminium and iron. As well as corroding the metal and points under Solar panels where they like to nest.

In particular it is a serious slip hazard especially where pigeons are roosting on window ledges and under bridges where it would fall onto pavements. Especially slippery in the wet.

Spotlight Pest Control Services Ltd understands what is needed for the safe removal of bird guano. We will provide a thorough service, leaving the tainted area sanitised, clean and guano free.