Pest Services


Spotlight Pest control Services Ltd provide a professional Solar Panel Proofing service as well as an excellent general bird proofing service.

An example of pigeons under solar panels

General Bird Proofing:

ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Service

Avoid the spread of Norovirus, MRSA & Bacteria
Using special formulations, applied through dedicated application equipment, we can effectively provide the following:
DISINFECTANT: effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi
ODOUR CONTROL: effective against a range of malodorous compounds and general bad smells
INSECTICIDE: for the control of a number of flying and crawling insects and arachnids
*** Recognised by the World Health Organisation


Sites to target
Landfill – to clear gulls for health/legal reasons as well as prevent them from fouling nearby areas. Typical large landfill contracts consist of a falconer being present throughout the day 5 days a week, flying falcons to clear all gulls and prevent any feeding on the landfill.

Marinas – to prevent fouling on boats and yachts.

Parks – especially in Central London to prevent fouling after lunch time feeding. There has previously been some hawking work carried out in some of the Royal Parks.

Vineyards, orchards and farms – flocks of small birds (e.g starlings and redwings) cause huge damage and loss of earnings to crops. Falcons and small hawks can be used to clear flocks from areas.

As well as this starlings and feral pigeons can cause problems with livestock, fouling water supply in barns and eating feed.

City rooftops and roof gardens – these often pose ideal potential sites for pigeons and gulls to nest.

Train sheds and warehouses – hawking works very well in enclosed spaces such as train shed, warehouses and hangars where the target birds have a clear exit.

Airports – most major US airports have a team of falconers on site to fly falcons to deter birds from the area and eliminate bird strike. Very popular in airports around the world but not as common place in UK airports yet, however most air force bases have falconry teams on site. Contracts at airports and air bases require a team of falconers and birds present at all times, to be flown throughout the day at specified required times.


There are all kinds of reasons for keeping surfaces free from bird guano. It is unsightly, additionally it can taint the image of your business and above all, is also a serious health hazard.
Their guano can cause Air-borne diseases such as;
Chlamydia psittaci- Human infection is called Ornithosis (chronic lung problems).

Histoplasma capsulatum- which is a fungus found in accumulated bird and bat droppings. Symptoms can include fever, chest pains, cough, pneumonia and meningitis.
Allergenic particles- It is an allergic condition know as bird fanciers lung(extrinsic allergic alveolitis). It occurs among bird keepers and people exposed to bird infested areas through the airborne antigens in the dust. As a result, it can take two forms acute or chronic. Acute, intense like symptoms and Chronic, characterised by pulmonary fibrosis, a type of irreversible lung damage. Therefore, all things considered, call us, the professionals, to safely remove guano from your property, domestic or commercial.

We provide a range of Pest Control services, for any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.