Bird Proofing

Bird Proofing

Bird Proofing:

We offer professional bird proofing solutions against pest birds, such as gulls and feral pigeons, which can cause problems.

  • Health risks when they live near humans, spreading infectious diseases such as salmonella and tuberculosis.
  • Hazards, such as droppings, (guano), making the area below slippery.
  • Guano can also damage buildings/equipment.
  • Areas can become infested, such as food factories, supermarkets, warehouses, shopping centres or schools.
  • These pest birds can congregate in large numbers and cause a nuisance and become intimidating.

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Solar Panel Proofing:

solar proofing installation

Netting Solutions

Post and wire installation:

Proofing balcony ledges against pigeons:

Post and wire system used because customers plastic spikes did not work.

Proofing balcony ledges against pigeons
To stop pigeons fouling:

Proofing shed roof and spotlights to stop pigeons landing and fouling on customers property.

Chimnetty solution to stop gulls nesting:

Netting installation to stop gulls nesting:

Solar panel proofing:

Netting Installations:
Eaves netted to prevent house martins and swallows nesting
Netting installation on balconies:


We can also offer solutions for new buildings.


  • bird netting systems, great for covering larger areas such as roofs, though still allows access to plant machinery and air conditioning units, etc.
  • spikes, mainly used on edges, window sills and ledges, stopping the pest bird from physically landing.
  • mesh, fantastic proofing method for solar panels.
  • pin and wire systems and Avishock are amongst other options.